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Power struggles in the family

One of the well-known and familiar stages in a couple’s life is the power struggle phase. Thinking of this situation as a struggle only feels distant from a couple, those who have experienced power struggles as the stage after which love flows back realize that not the content that seems so important to each partner is at the center, but the lack of clarity on where to give up on a particular matter, the next concession or generosity.

Many issues that most people tend to take for granted are conflicting throughout life as partners as parents. Each spouse’s attitude toward norms he saw in the home as “self-evident” sometimes makes it difficult for each partner to understand each other. The gaps between spouses give rise to great difficulty for a number of reasons: It is a stage of a power struggle between spouses that is not understood as a power struggle merely because identification with the role of parent is a difficult issue to address and have qzz in your life.

The need to know each other’s strength in marital relationships encourages more gaps than engaging in co-operation. Those who have been single for a significant period find it difficult to rethink regular habits such as eating and sleeping, relationships with other family members and financial priorities, some of the men have not witnessed disagreements between their parents about family arrangements and have difficulty getting their wives right to set their own priorities. Especially if they grew up in a father’s home, women sometimes heard the mothers’ trunks quietly and in modern reality felt the need to change their status,

Family norms are, for example: budget management, preferences in place of residence and style of living, relationships with neighbors and friends, importance and perseverance in relation to social ceremonies, persistence in ceremonies between spouses and parents, as well as attention to children’s birthday celebrations, parents and parents. Communication style and message delivery in verbal and non-verbal ways.

The conscious and unconscious struggles take time and energy and mostly keep away from the love from which the family began. When there is no consensus between spouses on some of the issues mentioned, each tends to find refuge in the company of other people and draw less attention to the family. For children, it is relatively easy for them to organize conditions in which they do not have to abide by the rules, which is gnawing on their ability to meet school requirements, seek personal or social directions and feel regular and general support from their parents.

At every stage of family changes, some of the existing balance is undermined and stabilized. Whether it is joyous events like childbirth, unfortunate events such as grandparents’ illness, workplace problems and more, the ability of spouses to skip over disputes and a shared power zone builds the family’s long-term development process. Couples who find it difficult to understand such needs as part of life cycles are better off to help guide parents, a counselor, or any professional acceptable to both.

About This site

My name is Jenny Katz, 25 years old graphic designer living in New York city. Love to enjoy life and travel each weekend to different locations …. Loves to enjoy life!

Why do I started this blog?

I believes in ideas. I believe in the power of ideas. I believe in the power of conversation, the power of hearing. I also believe that those things are relative benefit my practice where I can contribute something to the world. This belief has not changed, and I hope that will change, too. There are some areas in which action can be taken in this direction. One of them is the blog.

Unlike philosophical work, blogging is far more interested in the short term, much less profound, far less thorough. On the other hand, blogging is something more concrete, more sensitive to the immediate, more connected to reality. These are the two extremes of writing, complement each other for me. Philosophy must wait. Things have to absorb more and more mature, deeper, get the dimension of wisdom (the love is there, otherwise I was not there). Meanwhile, things accumulate, and things continue to happen. This dialectic of life, short-term and long-term (interest may have noticed returning here again and again, in different contexts).

Essential office equipment for your office

Office equipment is a term that refers to different types of products, used for office management and office work as part of day-to-day business activities. Purchasing office equipment can reach costs of hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars when the right budgeting and wise choice of office needs are the solutions to cutting costs to the required minimum when it is of course important to meet all office needs. To streamline work through the use of proper office equipment.

Stamps – Office stamps are essential office equipment for any business, as they provide the seal needed for invoices and receipts, signing contracts with customers, ordering goods and delivery forms, agreements and payment arrangements, and more. There are different types of stamps that can be designed and adapted to the needs of the business, including date stamps (which allow the date to be replaced by manual scrolling), personal stamps (which can be designed including determining the number of lines, font size and type, stamp content and more) and other types. The stamps can also be designed and purchased through online office supply stores online. As for all, stamps are a great topic to talk about with your friends!

Mats – although nobody talks about  – we sit on our chairs for at least 10 hours a day at least. Having a good chair is essential for your back health. And furthermore, having the right office mat can make a huge difference. Low-quality cheap mats can cause damage to your officer carpet, and waste a lot of time on replacing them every few months. Here is a list of awesome office mats, which are also cheap and affordable.

Filing and storage – Every business has a considerable amount of office paperwork, whether it is signed contracts with customers, suppliers, professionals, etc., and whether it is invoices or receipts that need to be reviewed or any other document. The need for filing and storage of office paperwork, requires a correct calculation of quantities, in order to make the purchase of suitable office equipment for the purpose. If you have a large amount of office stationery that mostly does not need immediate access, you may be interested in devoting your budget for office supplies to purchasing archive boxes and catalog boxes, which will allow you to store office stationery in an orderly manner, including labeling boxes by type of paperwork, papers and more. In any case, consider how you handle your office paperwork and equip yourself with office equipment that will make it easier for you to work with paperwork in general, including desk paper trays, drawer boxes, etc.

Backpacking with Your Dog : Things You Must Know

If you’re a passionate hiker as well as backpackers and you’re thinking about getting a dog this time, so why not choose one that will be comfortable in the woods with you?

Do you know most of the dogs enjoy hiking, but not all will be able to hold life on the trail? These quick tips and hacks will be considered while backpacking with your dog.

Backpacking with Your Dog: Follow These Rules

Find your dog’s strength: If you want your dog to be able to frolic off-leash, you’ll need a dog with good recall

  • If you don’t want to tie up your dog while hiking, let alone your dogs with a high prey drive.
  • Shepherd or spotting can recover to stick close to their owners.
  • Once you have a plan on keeping your dog on a leash on all your hikes, then remember training isn’t as important.

Permits and regulations

You should know the necessary licenses and regulations before you move.Like

  • Are dogs allowed?
  • Do you require an individual permit to bring your dog?
  • Can you drop the waste out, or you can bury this?

Trail Manners

We like the idea of our dogs being able to freely discover the locale, smelling and running and having a lovely time. Anyway, the reality is we have to share those spaces with other people, other dog owners, even wildlife. Just consider these things –

  • You may need to be sharing the trail with people who might even be afraid of dogs.
  • How would your dog act in response to a rattlesnake?
  • Is your dog run after a deer and not able to be recalled?

Invest in a Good Backpack.

Take time to buy to the doggy backpack, which he able to carry.You can found a few different dog packs at that point, and both Tally. These either slid around, pinched his stomach, or irritated the neck out of her spine. So get the perfect backpack for him or her.

Invest in a good dog ramp

When youre taking your dog with your SUV, you have to keep the dog health. When backpacking you need to know that your dog may get in and out of the car, this may happen in very diificult places such as mountaiin and rocks. You do may get injured in those places. That’s why investing in a good dog ramp is a must! Dont go for the cheapest models, go for those with high quality, even many of them are quite expernsive.

Leashes and collars think about night-time/visibility

Best leash for hiking with dog simmer down to personal preference. On trips, you can get the non-stinking dry collars like the Ruffwear Headwater. Maximum people also tend to go with leashes that can be waist worn. At night visibility is tough, so better to buy  LED  collars and clip on lights


You can take the package  meal in zipping lock bags to make it easy for breakfast and dinner time. Just remember, your dog will be burning up more calories than normal and will need more to eat while on the trail.So add 25% to 30% more per meal and supplement with


Like you, dog needs constant hydration. Especially once it’s hot, and they are carrying packs. Give them water on a regular basis when you’re moving

Footwear for Dogs

Defensive your dog’s feet is as important as protecting your own. Your dog’s pads need to be well conditioned before hitting the trail. Not much dissimilar than building up your staying power, your dog’s paws need to be packaged with gradual increases in distance.

Find a Backpacking, Bed.

If you have a plan some couple of days to spend on hiking the bed is the must for your dog. Dogs also get cold during the night like humans. The bed packs down inside of that little stuff sack, and it’s made to fit inside. This comes with loft insulation, so it keeps your backpacker dog warm against the cold ground, but it only weighs 14 ounces.

Finally, I will say everybody loves their dog very much, and they should buy the backpacking which is best and ideally suited to their dog but not irritating. Just go to the store to think about above tips.

How to prevent your home cat from destroying your home appliances

Preventing the destruction of household furniture, especially sofas, while cleaning or sharpening the nails by the cat is one of the many problems many cat owners face. Some cat owners get used to the fact that the couch is used by the cat to mark and scratch the nails but other owners find the situation unbearable Ready to receive it.

 Why do cats actually grind their nails on the home furniture?

The first reason for the nail grinding is simple and this is the action used to sharpen the nails. In addition, when the cat moves the nails on the furniture, the action is also used to scent, using sweat glands in the feet, the cat’s territory.

 There are several solutions to this harmful habit and in this article we will try to help cat owners and prevent a situation where the cat is hurting furniture.

So what are the ways to prevent the cat from ruining the sofas and other household furniture:

• Nail displacement – this is actually a difficult operation that is illegal in Israel. In this analysis, the cat’s nails are not “uprooted” but they perform an amputation of the wrist on which the nail is located.
• Owner cutting nails by the owner – this is a simple way for relaxed cats that requires repetition once a week – two weeks. It is advisable to try and get the cat to act from a young age and even offer him choppers after each such operation to increase his cooperation. Our recommendation is to perform the first cut with a veterinarian to prevent cat injury or unnecessary bleeding.
• Offering different scratching pages or scratching surfaces for the cat – It is important to try to offer your cat different types of scratching surfaces until you find the type you prefer. There are also cats who prefer a diagonal surface, others a flat surface and other cats will only use a vertical page for scratching and nail grinding. Some recommend to sprinkle some catnip (the cat’s napkin) that causes cats to continue to scratch.
• Sticking cat nails – This is one of the best furniture destruction solutions that allows the cat to continue its daily activities without disturbing its life. This solution is suitable for cats that do not leave home and do not need their nails for protection. An advantage of this solution is also to prevent scratches to the other household members, both walking two and four. Nails that are properly affixed last between one and a half to three. In fact the nail cover does not fall out but the nail just grows and then the new nail pushes the covered nail.
There are owners who do the self-adhesive, but most of them use the vet for the procedure. It is recommended to use a veterinarian service until the house is done for the infection. In some cats, a short blur is recommended to allow the best infection to last as long as possible.
• Access Prevention – You can try to prevent access to sofas or furniture scraping areas by aluminum or double-sided adhesive coatings. You can also try to use cat removal spray (such as citronella-containing oil) for specific areas of the furniture. To allow it the itch behavior.
• Buy interesting toys – Scratching surfaces happens mostly from boredom, so if you want to minimize damage to your home appliances you should be cat toys, that will keep him busy during the day. One of the recommended toys is remote snake, another one is a moving fish toy or this Play-N-Squeak Backyard Interactive Mouse Toy

All these toys are excellent choice, and you can can click it to buy it cheaply yet high quality.


How to look younger than my age ?

Wrote it alone on Friday Night, after Dan said he will not come. Alone.

When women get older, they try to hide the aging signs which start to appear.

The good news is that the more you age, applying more or less make up is not so important following some few basic tips on how to look younger could turn around your physical appearance and even make you look more younger.

Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is a good source of very powerful antioxidant, this antioxidant are essential in that they assist in protecting the skin from environmental factors such as sun burns. Green Tea is a good detoxifier which assists in ensuring that your body is free from toxins. In general Green Tea is good both internally and externally and by drinking this tea daily you will look younger.

Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Most of us think that when they drink soda, coffee or other consumable liquid is enough fluid for the body, it is worth noting that drinking a lot of water daily is so beneficial as far as you may want to look younger, water is essential since it keeps you hydrated and removes toxins from the body. When your skin absorbs moisture from the plenty of water in your body its overall texture improve.

Get Enough Sleep

Get lots of sleep, keeping in mind that when you get enough sleep, the body gets the chance of healing itself. When you deny your body sleep, it tends to wear out so fast. As a way of looking younger you should allow your body proper rest by having enough sleep.

The human body is made up of water, the body requires water so that it can keep its natural glow. Using a moisturizer can assist so much in making up for the water which may have been lost to the surrounding. To ensuring that you look younger get yourself a moisturizer.

Wear Proper Shoes

Beleive it or not, the shoe we wear has a profund effect on our health. If you buy yourself an orthopedic shoes with a softer sole, than you prevent yourseld from having foot issues later on in your life. It is a must to buy quality shoes and not cheap ones. 

Consume Organic Products

Many people eat processed food which contain chemical substances which acts as preservatives, most people are allergic to these chemicals. The skin is so sensitive in that it can react vigorously to this chemicals, when the skin reacts to these chemicals it loses moisture and starts to wears out slowly by slowly making you to look older. However consuming organic products assists the skin to maintain its good shape and texture.

Avoid Stress

Stress is unhealthy for everyone, stress can also lead to an early death if not taken care off. Whenever you are stressed, it is good to relax yourself and deal with what is bothering you from a new perspective, when you learn how to manage stress you definitely save yourself from ageing and remain young.

Regular Exercises

Having regular exercises keeps you healthy and fit. Regular exercises helps to manage your weight, it also helps you to get rid of stress, when you have regular exercises your body flushes more waste from the body in form of sweat leaving you younger and fresh.
Looking younger is a choice you can make by following this simple tips.

How to stop your period for a day

Menstruation can be extremely unpleasant for some women, with symptoms that include headaches, general pain and a heavy blood flow. There are times when a woman might want to stop their period for a day, either because of some important life event or because they don’t want the distraction of the period on a specific day. There are some ways to stop your period for a day, although none of the methods are full proof or without possible physical downsides.

Eat These Foods
Consuming some specific foods can temporarily halt or lessen a period. Mixing a pack of gelatin into a cup of water and then drinking it can halt a period for a number of hours. You can repeat the process to give yourself a longer break from the effects of menstruation. Some women have had good success drinking a cup of water that includes two teaspoons of cider vinegar. You can repeat this remedy up to three times a day. Some women have the a similar result sucking on a piece of lemon every few hours.

Use A Softcup
You can use a flexible cup that fits in front of the cervix to block the flow of menstrual blood. It doesn’t stop the period, but it does temporarily block the flow, which might be the answer for you. You have to get one through your doctor or a clinic, so it’s not a good choice for a last minute solution.

Ibuprofen Can Help
Taking a dose of Ibuprofen three to four times a day in the hours leading up to the start of a period can lessen a period by up to 50%. But taking it won’t stop your period entirely. You also need to make sure that you don’t take more than the daily dose recommended by the manufacturer. Ibuprofen is probably not the best choice in most cases, due to the possibility of an overdose and the fact that each woman will respond to the doses of Ibuprofen differently.

Drink Water…And Lots Of It
While drinking plenty of water won’t completely halt a period, it can severely lessen the effects. Staying as hydrated as possible can be a big help and that includes extra-long showers and baths.

Use Contraceptives
One of the side effects of taking birth control pills is that will stop your period. There are several options that are frequently prescribed by doctors, with the pill being the most common method. Shots and patches are also available, although each method has its own set of positives and negatives. Your doctor can talk over the options and recommend the best choice for you.

Tranexamic Acid
If you want to halt or at least slow down the effects of your period, you can use Tranexamic acid, a medication that works by clotting blood flow in the uterus. While it likely won’t stop your period completely, it will greatly diminish the effects and shorten the time you have your period. These tablets don’t require a prescription and can be purchased at most higher-end vitamin or health food stores.

When all is said and done, putting off your period for a day can be done, but it requires some experimentation to uncover the best choice for you and your body.